Takata Airbags 'Going Off' Central Motor Wreckers

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Jamie Nunn and his team at Central Motor Wreckers (CMW) in Ballarat, Victoria have now shipped their first batch of Takata airbags. "We have been operating here for more than 50 years and process thousands of cars every year. It is critical that we are able to manage recalls better moving forward. Working with Chris and the team at All Auto Recalls (AAR) allows us to do that and get paid for our time and effort", said Jamie Nunn.

AAR spent a few hours at CMW last week and helped with the packaging of these airbags. "You know, its great to be out there working with the team from time to time", said Chris Daglis. "Understanding the process at each yard also helps AAR and informs the build of a better solution for the industry. It was great spending the morning with Jamie and his team getting these airbags packed and ready to go".

Jamie Nunn preparing an airbag in its anti-static bag - assembly line of Dangerous Goods packaging awaits

Just in this last week AAR has accounted for over 2,000 more affected and dangerous airbags. We have and continue to engage with more manufacturers and look forward to announcing the introduction of these relationships as we are able.

Central Motor Wreckers uses the AAR subscription based service to help them identify vehicles that have active and future airbags at the time of check-in. This means that they can very efficiently remove and quarantine airbags immediately as they enter their facility.

"I need to know that we have identified and are removing dangerous products from sale. That goes for all products affected by a recall, not just airbags. As far as I am concerned, my business should not be selling a control arm that is recalled as much as it should not sell an airbag that is recalled." said Jamie. "We've been proudly servicing the local community with quality, cost effective genuine recycled parts for a long time and we are committed to ensuring they can only purchase quality, non recalled components at Central Motor Wreckers"

AAR subscribers will soon be able to display the AAR Registered User logo on their websites, eBay templates. "We want to make sure that our users can differentiate their organisation from any others. The consumer needs to know that they are dealing with a auto recycler that is doing the right thing as an organisation" said Chris.

Beyond promoting their organisation as a responsible corporate citizen, AAR have also put together a program that will help its users promote their product.

"The AAR Checked and Passed logo can be used on products advertised. Not only will the consumer know that they are dealing with a quality organisation, they will know that the products they are buying have been checked and guaranteed not to be recalled" said Chris.

See a short video here for a quick overview of how AAR can help you or call Chris directly on 0411 743 560 for more information. Whether you are am auto recycler, insurer, auction house or a vehicle manufacturer, AAR has a solution for you.

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