SGS Parts Plus delivers on recalls

We are helping auto recyclers across Australia daily, to comply with the mandatory recall of Takata airbags. This recall is the largest in history with over 100,000,000 airbags recalled globally and in excess of 4,000,000 in Australia alone.

Auto recyclers must recognize their responsibilities specific to the recall and MUST NOT underestimate their role, not only to help manufacturers account for affected airbags but in keeping consumers safe. Importantly, you should all rest assured that we have negotiated with the manufacturers to ensure that you are compensated for your time and effort!

Some, like Geoff Smith (pictured below) from SGS Parts Plus (SGS), take their corporate responsibility extremely seriously. NSF All Auto Recalls (AAR) and SGS are working together to find all the airbags that they have handled over the years, removing those in current inventory and identifying those that have previously been crushed and destroyed.

Geoff Smith with his fist shipment of Subaru Recalled Airbags

"I am proud of the fact that we are taking a proactive approach to this issue. Having recalled airbags floating around is not safe for anyone. We are working closely with Chris and the AAR team to make sure we support manufacturers account for their recalled airbags and have those still in our possession sent back for destruction,"said Geoff Smith. Manufacturers such as Subaru should be commended for their efforts and commitment to the All Auto Recalls program and we look forward to growing this working relationship with both organisations moving forward."

At All Auto Recalls, we have built proprietary systems and processes that make it easy for recyclers like SGS to manage recalled airbags. From the thousands of vehicles they have handled historically, the vehicles they receive and process daily today and even for recalls that will be announced in the future on vehicles that they have handled retrospectively, the AAR systems manage the process for auto recycler subscribers.

"We are really proud of what we have built and the features that we are working on. We have some really exciting developments including the integration with industry leading Yard Management Systems like Pinnacle. These will enable Pinnacle users, who subscribe to the All Auto Recalls system, to be alerted to recalls for any of their vehicles without doing anything differently than they do today." said Chris Daglis, founder and Managing Director of All Auto Recalls.

The AAR technology is intuitive, easy to use and ensures total traceability. At the right time, users are prompted to take photos from within the app using their smart phone and the system does the rest.

The system is enabled with user reporting tools that can be filtered to suit what the specific user is looking for at any point in time. All participating members, recyclers, manufacturers, insurers or auction houses are able to see the status of their product. They can do so by VIN, Make, Model or Serial Number search.

"We've worked and continue to work closely with all stakeholders to make the system work for them and as a result it is user friendly. We've got a load of enhancements that we have on the development road map so it will only get better." said Chris.

AAR has already accounted for in excess of 8,800 (as at October 18, 2018) recalled airbags across all affected makes, including many in the alpha/critical category. With a number of manufacturers now signed up to the program, and more about to, AAR is in a great position to help auto recyclers meet their obligations, comply with their legislative requirements and be compensated for their time and effort in doing so.

See this video here for a quick overview of how AAR can help you or call Chris directly on 0411 743 560 for more information. Whether you are am auto recycler, insurer, auction house or a vehicle manufacturer, AAR has a solution for you.

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