Manufacturer Recalls and the Auto Recycling Industry

Updated: Feb 4

At the International Round Table of Automotive Recycling (IRT) in the UK this May, global auto recycling associations rated vehicle manufacturer part recalls as one of the 6 critical priorities for the industry.

There are millions of vehicles and component parts recalled every single year.

Ultimately, these vehicles end up in an automotive recycling facility to be responsibly treated at their end of life.

More than 36% of these vehicles you handle have had at least one recall activated, while greater that 15% having been affected by a recalled Takata airbag. *

*Data derived from 15,768 VIN checks performed across all makes by subscribers on All Auto Recalls from 01/01/19 – 14/07/19

Why is this important and why should you care?

We’ve heard the argument so many times from recyclers that ‘this is not our problem; the vehicle manufacturers need to put their hand up and fix these issues’. Or ‘how are we supposed to track all these recalls, we just want to sell parts and we bought the car in good faith so why should we have to do all this work?’

It’s time to take responsibility. The risk to your customers and the risk to you are extreme. Yes, Takata has exposed this issue because of the 26 deaths and more than 300 injuries caused by recalled Takata airbags. But what about the ones we don’t hear about? What about the brake callipers, control arms, computers…?

"Australian Consumer Law prohibits the supply of goods to which a recall notice relates. To do so may incur financial and other penalties under the law." (See s.127(2) Australian Consumer Law, Competition and Consumer Act 2010 Schedule 2)

At All Auto Recalls we understand that there are a number of reasons why the industry has not dealt with this issue to date, including;

· Awareness has, and still remains poor about the recall problem – not just Takata.

· There has not been a systematic ‘go to’ tool that can be used to accurately identify which parts are recalled on each specific VIN.

· It has been practically impossible to keep track of new recalls on salvage vehicles previously dismantled, without checking every single VIN over and over again, every single day.

· Reporting on VINs with recalls and which specific parts are recalled has been non-existent.

You see, it’s not as simple as doing a check on a car when it arrives at your facility after you purchase it. That search simply tells you what recalls that specific vehicle has at that specific point in time. But what happens next week, next month, next year, or even in 5 years’ time? Who knew when they purchased and dismantled that Subaru Outback on 2005, or the BT-50 in 2007 or even the Audi A4 in 2009, that they airbags would be recalled some 10 years later?

So, what have we done to help you?

All Auto Recalls has worked hard and closely with industry leaders around the world and developed a tool that changes everything.

It is not only changing the way the auto recycling industry manages recalls, it is changing how the whole industry, including vehicle manufacturers, is managing recalls.

We have introduced 3 revolutionary products;

1. The All Auto Recalls historical VIN check

a. This deals with all your vehicles that you have dismantled and produces a full recall report for every VIN you have handled.

2. The All Auto Recalls incoming vehicle VIN check

a. This is the VIN check that you perform on every car that you check into inventory from now on.

3. The All Auto Recalls Auto Alert

a. This will make sure that if any of your vehicles ever have any type of recall on them at any time in the future, you will immediately be alerted to that, without checking manually.

Now you can check all your old inventory, check all incoming vehicles and then let All Auto Recalls Auto Alert you for any new recall on any of your VINs from that point on – no double entry, no duplication, full compliance, maximum safety for you, your staff and your customer.


We are working closely with a number of manufacturers helping them identify, locate and retrieve their Affected Takata Airbag Inflators (ATAI’s). Of course, this is a very important and topical issue at the moment and for the effort and time you put into this, All Auto Recalls compensates you on behalf of the partnered manufacturers. For more information on this service, please contact us here.

To date, All Auto Recalls has helped its partnered manufacturers account for in excess of 10,000 ATAIs from across Australia.

'Suppliers of spare parts have obligations under the Recall Notice to identify and remove Affected Takata Airbag Inflators from the spare parts market. If you are a supplier of spare parts, you must ensure that you comply with these obligations or you may face financial and other penalties for contravening the Australian Consumer Law.'

(Takata Recall Notice - Guidance for Suppliers of Spare Parts,

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