• Check for recalls on any vehicle you handle

  • Check for recalls on all your existing inventory

  • AAR Auto Alerts© to notify you to any recall on VINs, makes and models under your control

AAR is working with multiple industry stakeholders to aggregate VIN with respective makes and models numbers into one central database. This now enables manufacturers to find recalled components across the broader industry.


You can also:

  • Via the AAR API, upload all recall information to the AAR recall system.

  • Use AAR to facilitate logistics with auto recyclers giving manufacturers 'ONE' point of call and process with which they deal with all auto recyclers.

  • Use future AAR track and trace software to capture recalled components including serial numbers where available and/or applicable throughout the supply chain - this gives the manufacturers comfort that the part was identified, located, dispatched and received at the nominated return address and time stamped throughout the process.

  • Feed information of completed recalls into AAR so that recalls are always up to date and remove the waste created by out of date information.

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