• Check for recalls on any vehicle you handle

  • Check for recalls on all your existing inventory

  • AAR Auto Alerts© to notify you to any recall on VINs, makes and models under your control

"Australian Consumer Law prohibits the supply of goods to which a recall notice relates. To do so may incur financial and other penalties under the law."  (See s.127(2) Australian Consumer Law, Competition and Consumer Act 2010 Schedule 2)


All Auto Recalls allows you to upload your full VIN list with respective makes and models and check for recalls on all your existing inventory.

Just one list. One time.


Simply download your full VIN, makes and models list into a .csv file and contact AAR so our technical team can upload it for you once you're a registered user of the system.


You can also:

  • Check for recalls on any new vehicle you handle by accessing the AAR API for automated database searches as soon as a vehicle is received

  • Use the AAR Auto Alerts© function to alert you to any recall on VINs, makes and models under your control

  • Ensure fleet cars sold to dealers and consumers are responsibly flagged if subject to a recall with the consumer's safety front of mind

  • Display AAR Checked and Passed certificates on all vehicles that are free of any recall.

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