AAR's aim is to make it as easy as possible for industry stakeholders with large number of vehicles and/or parts, to access information about related recalls and ensure they are safe to use or supply in accordance with the legislation.

AAR collects data from multiple sources, including that provided directly from manufacturers and that available on public facing websites such as Product Safety Australia


AAR purposes this information to make it accessible and easy to use as well as providing unique features such as AAR Auto Alerts, multi-search capabilities and a two way interface via API. 


Pinnacle has developed a solution which integrates data from All Auto Recalls to ensure that when a vehicle VIN is entered, any recalled components can be identified, allowing Pinnacle users to make an informed decision on which parts to remove from sale.


Subscribers to this new, world first feature, will have their Pinnacle system set up to run an automated recall check on every vehicle inventoried. This unique integration with All Auto Recalls will give subscribers access to the All Auto Recalls Auto Alerts function.


Why is this feature important?


Pinnacle users inventory hundreds of thousands of vehicles every year. Many of these may not have any recalls associated to them at the time of inventory. Recalls though can be activated at any time, and as a result, many of your vehicles and component parts may be subject to a recall at any time in the future. The All Auto Recalls Auto Alerts function tracks all recalls instantly and matches these against any vehicle in the database, maps it to the user and sends an Auto Alert to that yard with the details of the recall.


No double entry, no missed recalls, reduced risk with full compliance

- all possible with this world leading Pinnacle feature.


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